Phil Mickelson: Can He Keep Up With The Young Guns?

Phil Mickelson: Can He Keep Up With The Young Guns?
Phil Mickelson is a legend of golf. He has won six major championships, including the PGA Championship at the age of 50 in 2021. He is the oldest player to win a major and the only player to win majors in four different decades. He is also one of the most popular and charismatic players on the tour, with a loyal fan base and a knack for making clutch shots.

But how long can he keep playing at this level? Can he compete with the younger generation of golfers who are stronger, faster, and more athletic? Can he defy Father Time and add more trophies to his already impressive collection?

The answer is not so simple. On one hand, Mickelson has shown that he still has the skills and the passion to play with the best. He has maintained his distance off the tee, averaging over 300 yards in 2023. He has also improved his fitness and nutrition, following a strict diet and workout regimen that has helped him lose weight and gain energy. He has also embraced new technology and equipment, using a driver with two movable weights and a 47.5-inch shaft that gives him more speed and control.

On the other hand, Mickelson has also shown signs of inconsistency and decline. He has missed more cuts than he has made in 2023, and his world ranking has dropped to 72nd as of April 2023. He has also struggled with his short game and putting, which used to be his strengths. He has admitted that he sometimes loses focus and motivation during tournaments, especially when he falls behind the leaders.

The truth is that Mickelson is in uncharted territory. No one knows how long he can keep playing at this level, or if he can win another major. He is an anomaly, a freak of nature, a living legend. He is also a human being, with physical and mental limitations.

But one thing is certain: Phil Mickelson is not done yet. He still loves the game, he still loves the challenge, and he still loves the thrill of competing. He still believes that he can win, and he still has the talent to do so. He may not be able to keep up with the young guns all the time, but he can still surprise them once in a while. And that's what makes him so fun to watch.

Just look at his performance in the latest Masters tournament in 2023. He shot a blistering 7-under 65 in the final round, the lowest round in Masters history by a player age 50. He finished tied with Brooks Koepka for second place, just four shots behind the winner Jon Rahm. He was hitting bombs off the tee, making birdies left and right, and pumping up the crowd with his signature thumbs up. He was wearing a new logo on his hat that looked like a coffee bean, which apparently represents his new coffee company that he started with his brother Tim. He was having a blast out there, and so were we.

That's why we love Phil Mickelson here at Bogey Bear Golf. He's not just a golfer, he's an entertainer. He's not just a legend, he's a legend killer. He's not just an old man, he's an old man who can still kick ass.

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